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Chrissy Teigen Creates Elaborate Menu to Get Her Daughter to Eat

Pixar’s excellent short “Bao” is available to stream for free, and more food news to start your day

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Chrissy Teigen’s bespoke toddler menu

No matter how diligent a parent may be, it’s sometimes just impossible to get young children to eat, and it can be doubly difficult to get them to try new things. For proof, look no further than cookbook author/model/best Twitter person Chrissy Teigen, an extremely cool mom with an arsenal of recipes who still has trouble getting her eldest tyke, Luna, to eat.

Teigen is currently testing out a new strategy: building a Cheesecake Factory-style menu binder with photos of each of the dishes she wants her kid to try, including such kiddo favorites as a grilled cheese sandwich, plain quesadilla, and ham and cheese “lunchables.” Teigen showed off her new kids’ menu — which, by the way also includes prices, for some reason — on Instagram and Twitter yesterday, while remarking, “I have a problem.”

Watch ‘Bao’ for free this week

Disney/Pixar has made its excellent short film Bao — which ran before Incredibles 2 last summer — available to watch for free online this week. Domee Shi’s short tells the story of an empty-nester mom who accidentally makes a dumpling baby that springs to life one day. “The story was loosely inspired by my own life growing up as an only child to my two Chinese parents,” the diretor told Eater last summer. “I found that they always treated me like this precious little dumpling, always making sure I was safe and never wandered too far. And when it was time for me to leave the nest, it was hard for them to let go. I wanted to kind of explore that in an allegorical, modern-day-fairytale way with this short.”

And in other news....

  • Business at the Olive Garden has been up over the last few months, so the chain is shying away from offering special deals on food. But the Pasta Pass is safe... for now. [Restaurant Business]
  • The plant-based meat industry is growing at a rate of approximately 20 percent per year. Fearing increased competition, the livestock industry is lobbying to get these new companies to avoid using the word “meat” on their packaging. [NPR]
  • Tucker Carlson and the Fox News gang are trying to brainwash viewers into believing that gingerbread cookie people are, by definition, men. [Twitter]
  • Michelle Obama had dinner at Manhattan hot spot Cafe Altro Paradiso last night. It’s a somewhat surprising pick considering the fact that the restaurant’s original owner, Thomas Carter, recently stepped away from operations following allegations that he instilled a “culture of fear” at his hospitality group. [Instagram]
  • And finally, in an essay for the Guardian, musician Mark Lanegan remembers what it was like working with Anthony Bourdain on the theme song for Parts Unknown: “The first time we had contact was over the phone: he was so warm and so funny. As he was describing the general vibe of what he wanted – ‘Mark, I want it to be like Joey Ramone doing What a Wonderful World’– I was already writing it in my head. I’d thought it would be a really difficult thing to do, but because of Tony, it was easy.” [The Guardian]