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Watch: Do You Need a Gadget That’s Both an Air Fryer and Pressure Cooker?

Testing the Ninja Foodi, which promises multiple functions in one

The internet sure does love pressure cookers, but the internet also loves air fryers: Both are kitchen gadgets filled with promises of saving you either time, money, counter space, or calories. But what if you could have one countertop gadget that performed both functions? Would you consider spending $200 on it?

Thanks to a set of lids, the Ninja Foodi allows you to air-fry and bake, plus roast and broil, meaning you can pressure cook a chicken to lock in its juices, then finish it with a crisp by closing it under a convention fan. In this episode of The Kitchen Gadget Test Show, host Esther Choi isn’t pitting the Foodi against another gadget; instead, she’s testing out the Foodi’s promises to make an expert roast chicken right on your kitchen counter.

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