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Salt Bae Photoshop Job Lands Journalists in Jail

A German chocolate factory flooded the streets with liquid candy, and more news to start your day

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The Last Supper, now with more seasoning.

Jordanian authorities unamused by Salt Bae in The Last Supper

An editor and a publisher in Jordan were thrown in jail after publishing a Photoshopped image of Salt Bae inserted into The Last Supper on news site Al Wakeel. Despite taking the image down and apologizing, both could face between six months and three years in jail.

Germans don’t cry over spilled chocolate

In a Willy Wonka-esque incident, a literal ton of liquid chocolate spilled into a German street after a storage tank at a chocolate factory overflowed. The sweet stuff quickly solidified on the cold street, turning into what a fire brigade spokesperson called a “10-square-meter choco-pancake.”

And in other news...

  • IHOP is the latest chain to launch a line of wearable merch, including pancake socks and breakfast-themed onesies. [Pancake Wear]
  • Instead of useless notebooks and stress balls, tech companies are now giving out swag in the form of fruits and vegetables branded with their logos — think peaches emblazoned with the Twitter bird, Lyft avocados, and Soundcloud radishes. [Fast Company]
  • Need a gift for a food lover who has everything? How about a dreamy, Thomas Kinkade-esque oil painting of Whataburger or Taco Cabana? [Texas Monthly]
  • Is the world ready for lab-grown steak? The Wall Street Journal went to Tel Aviv to taste the world’s first, created from animal cells in a petri dish. [WSJ]
  • Weird flex but true: NBA player Josh Hart declares Chipotle tastes better with a plastic fork. [SB Nation]