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The Hipster Nativity Scene Is Here to Ruin Christmas

A documentary on the disastrous Fyre Festival is coming to Netflix, and more news to start your day

Behold, the Hipster Nativity Set.
Gorilla Goodies

Hipster nativity scenes are here to ruin Christmas

A church in Montreal has a rather nontraditional depiction of the birth of Jesus displayed in its museum this year: The “Hipster Nativity Set,” produced by a company in California, includes Mary (clad in an off-the-shoulder top) clutching a Starbucks cup, Joseph snapping a selfie, a cow eating gluten-free feed, and Segway-riding Three Wise Men bearing Amazon Prime boxes. Needless to say, reactions have been...mixed.

A documentary on the Fyre Festival shitshow hits Netflix soon

Remember Fyre Festival, the extremely expensive music festival touted as “Coachella in the Bahamas” that turned out to be a total scam? Netflix is blessing the world with a documentary about it, premiering January 18.

And in other news...

  • Amazon was fined $100,000 for selling foie gras in California. It will no longer sell foie that’s produced by force-feeding geese to customers in the state, per a ban that took effect in 2012. [Reuters]
  • Attendees of SantaCon, the notoriously rowdy bar crawls where everyone dresses in Santa suits, trashed a San Francisco Pakistani restaurant and assaulted an employee over the weekend. [CBS]
  • Beleaguered pizza chain Papa John’s is beefing up its loyalty program in an attempt to boost sales, which have been in a major slump since a string of public scandals involving founder John Schnatter. Members will now earn one point for every dollar spent (instead of one point for every $5 spent). [Restaurant Business]
  • Why are so many people developing an allergy to meat? It apparently emanates from tick bites. [Digg]
  • Finally, here’s a simply great tweet that proves rapper Ludacris is a very conscientious restaurant customer: