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New ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode Tackles Sexual Misconduct in Restaurants

Plus, Maine’s lobster industry is hit by Trump’s trade war, and more food news

Ice T as Odafin “Fin” Tutuola, Mariska Hargitay as Lieutenant Olivia Benson in an episode of SVU. Barbara Nitke/NBC

Dun, dun: Law & Order goes after a sexual-deviant chef

Writers for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit make their living by telling sensationalized crime stories ripped directly from real-life headlines. It appears they have been paying attention to what’s going on in restaurant kitchens. This week’s episode of SVU, titled “Hell’s Kitchen,” will focus on a famous chef who has been accused by multiple employees of sexual assault. “I’m innocent,” says this kitchen hot shot. “That remains to be seen,” responds Lieutenant Olivia Benson.

Trump’s trade war hits Maine’s lobster industry

Maine’s lobster industry can be added to the list of American businesses bearing the brunt of Donald Trump’s trade war with China, according to Bloomberg. China implemented a 25 percent tariff on lobsters from the United States in July, which has dissolved a lucrative export market for crustacean companies in the Pine Tree State. American exports of live lobsters to China were reportedly worth $128.5 million in 2017. Now, China is looking elsewhere for its shellfish.

“This guy [Trump] has handed Canada the lobster industry — a $1.5 billion industry,” Mark Barlow, owner of Eliot, Maine-based Island Seafood, tells Bloomberg. “He’s just handed it to [Prime Minister Justin Trudeau]: ‘Here you go, boys.’ ”

And in other food news ...

  • In an ill-advised brand stunt, Burger King is using footage of real car crashes to promote its new delivery service. Obviously, people on the internet are upset. [Us Weekly]
  • North Carolina-based fried-chicken outfit Bojangles is the latest fast-food chain to be bought by a private-equity firm. [Fox 46]
  • LaCroix and CBD — that’s cannabidiol, a compound that is derived from cannabis and supposedly provides health benefits without a buzz — are both so hot right now, and a new sparkling beverage company called Recess may be the LaCroix of CBD-infused drinks. [Bon Appetit]
  • Those who follow journalists on Twitter are by now fully aware of election night pizza. The New York Times upped the ante on its working dinner Tuesday night, ordering in, among other things, eight six-foot hero sandwiches. [@carolynryan on Twitter]
  • Finally, Tuesday’s midterm elections produced many storylines, including this nugget. [@JesKast on Twitter]