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Starbucks Fans Are Pissed After Reusable Red Cups Run Out

The coffee giant’s tradition of holiday cup drama continues

No reusable red cup for you!

People are pissed about Starbucks’ holiday cups, but not for the usual political and/or religious reasons: This time around, they’re mad the coffee giant quickly ran out of the reusable red cups that it began handing out to customers for free on Friday.

The plain red reusable cups were rolled out on Friday (in addition to four subtly Christmas-y designs of regular disposable cups) and intended to be given to customers who ordered a holiday drink. Customers who bring the cup back to a store after 2 p.m. between November 3 and January 7 get 50 cents off a medium (grande) holiday drink, but it seems most will never get the chance: Over the weekend, Twitter was abuzz with Starbucks devotees complaining that their local stores ran out of cups within the first couple hours — or minutes, in some cases:

“Each store had a limited supply for Friday’s giveaway, and we’re aware that some stores ran out,” a Starbucks spokesperson said via email. “Customers who did not get a reusable red holiday cup may now purchase the cup for $2.50 to receive $.50 off their grande (16 oz) holiday beverage order through Jan. 7.”

Of course, anyone who’s actually concerned about the environmental impact of disposable coffee cups can simply bring their own reusable cup, whether Starbucks-branded or not, and receive 10 cents off any drink at any time of day — a discount the company has offered since 1985.

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