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Watch: Making Creamy and Oozy Flan-Flavored Paletas

La Newyorkina’s chef Fany Gerson experiments with turning creamy caramel flan into a frozen treat on a stick

Few desserts are more synonymous with Latin cultures than flan — the caramel-topped custard served everywhere from Mexico and Cuba, to Puerto Rico and Chile. It’s particularly one of the most popular sweets throughout Mexico in addition to the country’s beloved paleta — Mexican-style ice pops.

Fany Gerson, the chef and owner behind New York’s Dough (a doughnut shop) and La Newyorkina (her completely paleta concept), has dreamt about making a flan paleta to add to her menu, admitting that being away from home is what has brought her closer to these quintessential confectionaries. “The elements that I love about flan is that deep, dark caramel that’s kind of oozy,” says Gerson. “Now that it’s getting a little chilly I crave creamier flavors.” With the help of Sugar Coated host Rebecca DeAngelis, Gerson is beta testing the flan paleta in this episode of the series.

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