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PBR Will Survive to Quench the Thirst of Budget-Minded Drinkers

The affordable brand has settled its lawsuit with brewing partner MillerCoors

A PBR Can and beer in a pint glass Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Enthusiasts of cheap beer, who have been drinking a little more heavily to calm their nerves in the face of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s potential demise, can now rest easy. The iconic budget-suds brand has reached a settlement with its brewing partner, MillerCoors, and will live on to quench the thirst of thrifty dive-bar patrons for the foreseeable future, reports the Washington Post.

To recap: MillerCoors has been producing PBR since 1999, and the current partnership was set to end in 2020. PBR wanted to extend the deal, but said MillerCoors planned to charge the smaller company more — an allegedly unreasonable amount — for its brewing services. This was perceived to be a tactic to hamper PBR, which would allow MillerCoors to take a greater piece of the low-cost market with its own brands. PBR, claiming to be on the verge of collapse, filed a $400 million lawsuit to stop the action, and after a nine-day trial, the jury was deliberating over a verdict on Wednesday. That’s when the two sides came together on an agreement. Terms have not been disclosed, but all’s well that ends well. “Pabst will continue to offer Pabst Blue Ribbon and the rest of our authentic, great tasting, and affordable brews to all Americans for many, many years to come,” a spokesperson tells the Post.

Let’s all go out and celebrate this victory for eve-of-payday drinking with some $2 pints.

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