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Michelin Announces 2019 Stars for Tokyo

French restaurant L’Osier brings the city’s three-star venue total to 13

A dessert at L’Osier, which has three Michelin stars in the 2019 guide to Tokyo
L’Osier [Official]
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

Today, Tokyo has a new three-Michelin-starred restaurant. French restaurant L’Osier is the latest fine dining establishment to earn the highest honor from the restaurant recommenders at the French tire company. And with the new three-star addition, Tokyo continues to have the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world in the 2019 guide, with a total of 230 restaurants with Michelin stars.

Although the total number of Tokyo’s Michelin-starred restaurants fell from 234 last year, there are several new additions. Japan’s capital has three new two-star restaurants, including one restaurant brand new to Michelin’s list: Sushi restaurant Kobikicho Tomoki is in the guide for the first time, with two stars. It joins French restaurant Nabeno-Ism and sushi shop Harutaka, which had one star each last year, for a total of 52 two-starred restaurants.

There are 29 new one-star restaurants this year, including Sobahouse Kinirohototogisu, which becomes the third ramen restaurant to get a star — not just in Tokyo, but the world. There are 165 one-star restaurants in the 2019 guide, falling into a range of cuisines and cuisine categories including Chinese and Italian, and yakitori spots and steakhouses.

L’Osier brings the number of three-star restaurants to 13. Several of these have held three stars since the Tokyo guide’s debut in 2007, including Japanese restaurant Kanda, famed sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten, and French restaurants Quintessence and Joël Robuchon. Unlike the one-star selections, all 13 restaurants at the top of Michelin’s list serve French or Japanese food, per Michelin’s widely documented preference.

Stay tuned for the full list of Tokyo’s Michelin stars.

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