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This Chef’s Favorite Kitchen Tool Is a Pair of Scissors

Kwang Uh of Baroo fame says they’re a “must-have item”

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Kwang Uh cooking at the recently-closed and widely lauded Baroo, in Los Angeles
Wonho Frank Lee

Growing up in Korea, scissors were always in Kwang Uh’s kitchen. “It was an everyday cultural thing,” the chef/co-owner of beloved Los Angeles restaurant Baroo says, noting that in his house (and many Korean households), scissors were often used in place of a knife for quickly and exactly cutting everything from steaks to noodles. (If you dine at any Korean steakhouse, you’ll see what Uh means.)

But not all scissors are created equal. Uh is unequivocal that the best pair of shears is the Original “Unlimited” Scissors by Joyce Chen — he says that all the Korean chefs he knows have a pair.

“It is a must-have item,” he emphasizes. The main appeal to the scissors is their durability and sharpness: Only this particular pair, he says, can be used to seamlessly and quickly break down a whole lobster by precisely piercing through the shell. At the same time, he says, the scissors are small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can always have them around. Uh uses the scissors to cut through boxes when he receives new deliveries.

There’s the grip, too, which Uh says feels as comfortable as a fancy knife, and also the size of the blade — it is short, which allows you to “control the cut, especially when you are doing precise work, like cutting microgreens,” he says.

At Baroo, which closed in October, Uh’s workspace was small — he didn’t always have the room to set up a knife and a cutting board. But the Joyce Chen scissors allow him to chop carefully without a lot of space or time. He says he’d choose them over a paring knife any day: “These are all kinds of convenient, for all the situations.”

Buy Joyce Chen The Original “Unlimited” Scissors, $19

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