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Watch: This Grill for Making Korean Barbecue at Home Won’t Smoke Out Your Kitchen

The Zaigle electric grill struggles get the right sear on pork belly and bulgogi

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New York chef and Kitchen Gadget Test Show host Esther Choi is thrilled about a gadget that could solve the clouds of smoke that fill her kitchen every time she tries to make Korean barbecue at home. “This guy is the newest and the hottest Korean barbecue at-home gadget,” she says. For $175, the KBBQ Electric Grill from Zaigle means that you don’t have to worry about your butane running out while grilling, or the grill even smoking up your kitchen and then your clothes smelling like Korean barbecue until the following day.

Choi is testing the gadget out with short rib, bulgogi (sliced rib eye), and thinly sliced pork belly. “The thing about Korean barbecue is it’s usually a very interactive thing,” says Choi. “Imagine if you had this in the middle of the table [at home] with four of your best friends.”

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