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Watch: The $1,300 Home Grill for Steakhouse Obsessives

Testing out the Otto Wilde grill, a gadget backed by beloved meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda

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“Steakhouse hot, steakhouse fast,” claims this bold kitchen gadget with a whopping $1300 price tag. The gadget in question is the award-winning (it won a Germain Design Award) Otto Wilde Steak Grill, which promises steakhouse-quality steak in your own home; a claim already attainable by other kitchen tools like, say, your trusty cast iron pan.

The technology built into the Otto grill allows it to heat all the way up to 1500 degrees —extreme temperatures that will yield the ideal crust on your steak and “literally seal in the moisture and flavor,” again, according to the gadget’s other claims. Bonus: the tool is said to be tested and backed by Pat LaFrieda, the beloved meat purveyor. Is all that worth $1300, though? Host Esther Choi is finding out by testing a ribeye, filet, and t-bone steak.

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