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Joke’s on You, Kids: You Can Actually Microwave a Turkey

Plus, Thanksgiving-leftovers pizza could be the new Thanksgiving-leftovers sandwich, and more food news

A roasted turkey tuckodi/Flickr

You can microwave a turkey, after all

Well, well, well. All the youths thought they were having a good laugh at their moms’ expense by asking how to microwave a Thanksgiving turkey. The mothers freaked out about the bad idea, and the pranksters posted images of the resulting text conversations on social media. And it wasn’t just moms who were victims of this joke: Even Michelin-starred chef José Andrés was tricked. However, it turns out that microwaving a turkey is a perfectly legitimate way to prepare the bird.

This new information comes from the famous Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, which offers detailed instructions on how to microwave the T-Day feast. Experts tell the Today show most microwaves aren’t big enough to contain a 25-pounder, but a smaller specimen will work fine (a nine-pound turkey should be ready in about an hour and 48 minutes). Joke’s on you, kids.

And in other food news ...

  • Jack Daniel’s has released a line of coffee that tastes like whiskey, perfect for those who want the taste of a stiff drink first thing in the morning, but don’t actually want to get drunk. [CBS 11]
  • Two pranksters are wanted by police for an ill-advised stunt at a Philadelphia ramen restaurant. The duo horrified diners by staging a graphic fake fight and stabbing. [Munchies]
  • Back when he was secretary of state in Ohio, Sen. Sherrod Brown boosted voter turnout by convincing McDonald’s to print registration forms on its paper tray liners. [@SherrodBrown on Twitter]
  • Finally, is Thanksgiving-leftovers pizza the new Thanksgiving-leftovers sandwich? A pizzeria in El Paso, Texas, thinks it just might be. “I always tell people to imagine the pizza dough as your dinner roll,” says Mel Maese Goldberg, owner of the Pizza Joint. “Pizza goes with anything.” [ABC News]