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Millennials Are Trolling Their Poor Mothers by Asking How to Microwave Whole Turkeys

Plus, a new drug may provide relief to people with nut allergies, and more food news to kick off this Thanksgiving week

A turkey in a microwave
This is a meme.

“Hey, Mom, how do I microwave a turkey?”

Scores of young adults have been trolling their poor mothers by asking that question via text message as Thanksgiving approaches. The resulting conversations are being shared on social media, as Mashable notes, which is generating laughs at the expense of moms who just want to protect their precious babies from the casserole of foodborne illnesses that would come from attempting to cook a 25-pound bird in a microwave.

Please stop trying to stress your mothers out this holiday season. And give them a call sometime. They worry about you.

And in other food news ...

  • Research suggests a new drug could allow people with severe nut allergies to consume trace amounts of nuts without worrying about potentially deadly reactions, thus eliminating the “the fear and anxiety that go along with severe peanut allergies.” [New York Times]
  • Not only is Pabst Blue Ribbon in danger of going extinct, Lone Star, the preferred beer of Rust Cohle, may be in peril, too. [Austin American-Statesman]
  • “Sonic curry” sounds like the new baby belonging to restaurateur-TV star Ayesha Curry and her basketball-playing husband Steph, but it’s actually a dish. It’s inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, and it’s extremely blue. [@jongraywb on Twitter]
  • General Mills is expanding its business ventures beyond breakfast foods in a curious way. The company seems to be developing its own cinematic universe that will feature characters seen on the front of its cereal boxes. Two questions: What? And, why? [Vulture]
  • Finally, here is a look at every single holiday cup Starbucks has released over the past 21 years. [Delish]