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Watch SNL’s Thanksgiving Song Sketch With Steve Carell

This ’80s synth jam tells a “cool, sad story” about a pair of lovers on Turkey Day

Last night’s Steve Carell-hosted SNL episode was full of bizarre and very funny sketches, including two Thanksgiving-themed comedy bits.

“Friends-giving” finds a group of neighbors seated around the dinner table discussing why there aren’t more Thanksgiving songs. Cecily Strong’s character has a favorite song about the holiday, which she starts humming, and her neighbor, played by Steve Carell, starts following along. “Caught his eye on Turkey Day, as we both made pumpkin pie,” she croons. “She flashed a little smile my way,” he sings. “Can she tell that I am shy?”

Before too long, the duo starts performing the whole song — which is “kind of a cool, sad story” — with the help of a synthesizer, and the rest of the gang gets up and starts singing along. The song tells the tale of a one-night stand on Turkey Day (possibly in Germany), and it includes the refrain, “Our lives are short, our love is real, now we do the turkey dance.” Strong’s character disappears by the end of the song, and, in a surprising twist, the rest of the diners find that some of their valuables are missing. One member of the party also discovers a mysterious knife wound in his chest. Kenan Thompson gets bonus points for busting out his best Bruce Springsteen impression in the middle of the song.

The other holiday-themed sketch, “Space Thanksgiving” depicts a meal where an alien king and his daughter bring purple “kern” to dinner that screams like Pete Davidson when the astronauts bite into it:

This was actually one of two sketches featuring a space station last night.

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