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Watch: The Shish Kebab Assembler Is Not Great at Assembling Kebabs

You probably don’t need this gadget in your kitchen

Kitchen Gadget Test Show host Esther Choi is being joined in the test kitchen by our old friend Clifford Endo in this episode — the two racing to found out if a gadget dubbed the Clever Kebab is worth adding to your pantry. Retailing for $25, the Clever Kebab calls itself “barbecue’s perfect companion” — promising to quickly and easily help you make 16 perfectly layered kebabs in a few short minutes, and without any mess.

As always Choi is highly skeptical of the given unitasker, but Endo has hopes that the tool is going to deliver on its shish kabob promises. “But [making kebabs] is so easy do you really need a gadget to do that for you?” says Choi. “If there’s a probability that it can save me time,” says Endo. “Then yes.”

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