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Watch: How to Make Eight Feet of Nachos for 100 People

Key advice for building kitchen-counter-sized loaded nachos for a crowd

Previous episodes of You Can Do This have attempted once-daunting tasks like making your own Gushers, building your own s’mores rotisserie, turning your kitchen into a Thai rolled ice cream shop, and timing the perfectly soft Japanese omelette. This episode, sadly the final one for the series, is no different.

True to form, host Clifford Endo is overcomplicating and macgyvering like only he can — this time taking on everyone’s favorite bar snack, nachos, and serving them for 100 people. The nacho mountain requires sous vide tri-tip, pickled onions, pickled jalapeños, jalapeño-infused sour cream, black beans, refried pinto beans, cheese sauce, all on top of ten pounds of tortilla chips. For Endo, there was no better way to say goodbye to his Eater cohorts than to serve them eight feet of nachos, right on the kitchen counter.

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