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Watch: How Russian Sturgeon Caviar Is Farmed and Processed

Chef Katie Pickens visits Marshallberg Farm to learn how the delicacy goes from fish to tin

Russian sturgeon produce one of the most expensive and sought after caviar, and it’s almost always imported from Russia and Europe; personally, I hadn’t found this species raised in the United States at all until I heard about the operations at Marshallberg Farm.

Based in Lenoir, North Carolina, Marshallberg Farm is producing top-quality roe in the US using a sustainable aquaculture to raise Russian sturgeon, decreasing the demand on wild populations for this most profitable and high-demand delicacy. Osetra caviar specifically refers to the roe of Russian sturgeon, and Marshallberg farm sells superior osetra and classic ostera at high price tags ($93 for a 30 gram sample of superior). I’m touring the farm with Sabine Mader, the farm manager at Marshallberg, and the experience has completely changed the way I view farmed fish.

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