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Watch: Will a Pressure Smoker Give You Great Barbecue Indoors?

Meet the gadget promising to deliver smoked ribs on your countertop

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For those of us who don’t have any outdoor space and don’t have a smoker, making barbecue at home may now be possible with this electric pressure cooker that’s also a smoker. The electric pressure cooker from Kalorik comes in at $150 and can be used as a pressure cooker, smoker (including cold smoking), slow cooker, and steamer. “If this works, this is the Instant Pot of smokers,” says Kitchen Gadget Test Show host Esther Choi.

The price point is slightly higher than the internet’s favorite appliance, but the added smoking function is one you can’t get anywhere else. Choi is testing the smoking wonder by cooking a rack of ribs and the king of barbecue, brisket. There isn’t much else needed besides wood chips, water, and a little seasoning.

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