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Watch: Do You Need the Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker?

Will the tool live up to its promise of at-home soft serve in under 20 minutes?

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Welcome back to the Kitchen Gadget Test Show, and another episode tackling tabletop ice cream makers. This time, host Esther Choi is taking Cuisinart’s Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker for a spin. The tool retails for $68.99, comes with the promise of at-home soft serve in under 20 minutes, and includes options to add mix ins and toppings.

Choi is testing it out with a simple vanilla ice cream base, looking to see how the gadget delivers on consistency, ease, volume, and presentation. Ultimately, Choi finds that the soft serve maker is a ton of fun and an easy win for a party trick, but it doesn’t always come out looking like the photo on the box, and you do have to keep a watchful eye on the ice cream the entire time.

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