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‘Curious Creations’ Star Christine McConnell Turned Her Parents’ House Into a Halloween Masterpiece

The baker/artist/model/actress spent over a month on her latest triumph

Before she was the star of her own twisted baking show on Netflix, Christine McConnell achieved viral fame by decorating her parents’ house in Highland, California, so that it resembled the face of a giant many-eyed monster. She’s kept the tradition alive over the years, and on Friday, McConnell unveiled her newest reimagining of her family’s home, which boasts burning orange demon eyes and candy corn fangs.

Instead of simply adding decorations to the exterior of the house, McConnell created an entirely new facade out of what looks like Styrofoam. She also added elaborate cobwebs to her porch, plus special spooky lighting to the windows on the side of the building. The finished product includes a sign for her show in the very front of the house, adorned by pumpkins and a replica of her scene-stealing mummy cat friend, Rankle. On Instagram, McConnell notes, “This took me over a month and is probably my most ambitious project ever.”

Although The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell doesn’t include any home makeovers, the show is chock full of similarly meticulous Halloween-themed projects, like recipes for chocolate and peanut butter “bones” and doughnuts that look like hairy werewolf paws. McConnell is clearly a very meticulous artist who doesn’t take shortcuts. And that’s part of the fun of watching Curious Creations: You’re seeing a skilled craftsperson make something that you could never attempt to successfully recreate at home.

McConnell’s Instagram page is full of photos of previous Halloween masterpieces, including the original spooky version of her parents’ house, and this impressive recreation of the Hocus Pocus poster where she is all three witches:

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