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This Cleverly Designed Jigger Will Make You a Better Mixologist

Pour one out for the traditional jiggers, now superseded

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The kind of beautiful cocktails you will inevitably make with your new jigger
Joann Pai

After working her way up the ladder at magazines and websites in New York City, culinary writer, recipe developer and food stylist Rebekah Peppler was ready for a change of pace. She traded her apartment in Brooklyn in favor of Paris, and in the process, fell hard for l’heure de l’apéritif, that fleeting, oh-so-French cocktail-and-snack interlude between a long workday and the evening meal.

Her new book, Apéritif: Cocktail Hour the French Way, is a breezy guide to aperitif history and culture. It’s full of cocktail and food recipes, tips and techniques, and enough dreamy photos to trick you into feeling like your life, too, could be so effortlessly chic.


Peppler is quick to point out that it takes little in the way of special equipment to master your own aperitif situation at home. But she does recommend one tool to get the job done while simultaneously embracing those nonchalant French vibes: a mess-free jigger.

Oxo’s angled jigger is my favorite thing in and out of the bar and has been for years,” she says. Most jiggers have an hourglass shape, with one and one-and-a-half-ounce measurements on opposite sides, meaning you have to flip (and therefore drip) liquids when making a drink.

Oxo’s smart angled design entails no flipping, and the measurement markings are etched into the sides for top-down viewing. “It pours well, and really minimizes my propensity to spill things constantly,” says Peppler.

It’s also useful beyond cocktail making. “As a stylist, I used this all the time to avoid having to carry around a ton of little measuring spoons, which would clank around and get lost inside of my giant bag” she says. “This is a one-hit wonder, because you can measure all kinds of different things — and it also has lines for tablespoons and ounces, which matters for me in Europe.”

Oxo recently introduced a stainless-steel version of the plastic model, which is essentially unbreakable. “I can shove it in my utility bag and not worry about cracking it,” Peppler says. “Plus, it actually looks nice on my bar.”

We’ll drink to that.

Buy Oxo Steel Angled Jigger, $6.99

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