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Watch: Can You Fit a French Cake Into a Bonbon?

On Eater’s new show ‘Sugar Coated,’ host Rebecca DeAngelis visits Stick With Me Sweets

Welcome to Sugar Coated Eater’s new video series for dessert lovers hosted by New York pastry chef, Rebecca DeAngelis.

A marjolaine cake is a traditional French pastry made with chocolate ganache, praline buttercream, and a hazelnut dacquoise. It was Susanna Yoon’s favorite cake in culinary school, so she knew she had to turn it into a bon bon at her New York City chocolate shop, Stick With Me. A traditional marjolaine cake is a beautiful play of textures, between smooth and chewy, soft and crunchy; so the challenge for Yoon is achieving all of that in a handheld bon bon.

Each bon bon at Stick With Me goes through a long, mesmerizing process, and host Rebecca DeAngelis is helping Yoon craft the marjolaine bon bon: a layering of gianduja ganache, praline cream, mini almond cake, and an almond and hazelnut praline.

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