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Watch: What Does Pork From Weed-Fed Pigs Taste Like?

A cannabis diet for pigs can alter the taste of pork, but not in the way you may be thinking

“The number one question on my mind is: ‘Are these pigs getting high’,” says Ben Turley, referring to the pigs on an Oregon farm who are fed a diet that includes cannabis. Turley and his Prime Time co-host Brent Young are visiting Moto Perpetuo Farm in Forest Grove, Oregon in this episode, where the meat experts are talking to farmer Dave Hoyle about his mission, and chef Vitaly Paley — who uses the pigs from Moto Perpetuo at his Portland restaurant.

“Pigs actually have a very similar cannabinoid receptor system to humans,” explains Tyson. “In order for any minimal amount of THC [...] to be psychoactive, there’s a process that the THC would have to go through.” At Paley’s restaurant Imperial, the chef and his team prepare pork secretto with romesco for Turley and Young. “No it doesn’t taste like weed,” notes Turley. “But every animal is healthier with salad in their diet, and pigs are no different.”

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