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Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s High-Stakes Culinary Competition ‘The Final Table’

All 10 episodes of the series will land on November 20

Netflix is gearing up to launch what may be its most ambitious food show yet: a 10-part global culinary competition called The Final Table. The show will feature 24 competitors from around the globe cooking in a series of country-themed challenges administered by nine of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. The entertainment giant announced the lineup of elder chef/judges — which includes Enrique Olvera, Clare Smyth, Grant Achatz, Helena Rizzo, and Yoshihiro Narisawa — over the summer. And now, Netflix reveals the full list of competitors, critics, and “ambassadors” who will also be pat of this culinary spectacle. The main takeaway here is that many of the competing chefs are stars in their own right, and the Final Table producers have assembled some very big names to help judge the food, too.

The chef-competitors hail from 18 different countries. Representing the United States is Aaron Bludorn (executive chef of Cafe Boulud in NYC), Timothy Hollingsworth (chef/owner of Otium in Los Angeles), Ronald Hsu (of the soon-to-open Atlanta restaurant Lazy Betty), and Johnny Spero (of D.C.-area hotspot Reverie). The cast list also includes international talents Monique Fiso (chef/owner of soon-to-open Hiakai in Aotearoa, New Zealand), Darren MacLean (chef/owner of Shokunin in Calgary, Canada), Ash Heeger (chef/owner of Ash in Cape Town), and Shane Osborn (of Arcane in Hong Kong). Five of the chefs are women and 19 are men.

Each of the country-themed challenges will feature a duo of celebrity ambassadors, as well as a food critic, to help judge the cooking competitions. For the United States-themed episode, Fargo star Colin Hanks and comedian Dax Shepard will serve as the celebrity ambassadors, and Times editor/former restaurant reviewer Sam Sifton will be the critic. The show’s producers have also tapped esteemed critics Jay Rayner for the UK episode and Francois-Regis Gaudry for the French-themed competition. Former Bon Appetit restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton is the host/master of ceremonies.

A dish that will be featured on The Final Table

The competing chefs will work together on teams of two — and they won’t necessarily be paired up with chefs hailing from the same country — in a series of elimination challenges. Part of the action will involve scenes shot in the kitchens of the nine master chefs around the world. And, as the trailer above indicates, a recurring theme will be chefs cooking cuisines that are outside of their wheelhouses. By the end of the series, the best chef of the bunch will get to join the nine culinary masters at the titular Final Table.

All 10 episodes of The Final Table will go live worldwide on November 20, just two days before Thanksgiving. The show was created and executive produced by Robin Ashbrook and Yasmin Shackleton, two seasoned reality TV veterans who worked together on MasterChef.

Check out the trailer above, peek the entire list of participants below, and stay tuned for more details on The Final Table as they become available.

Netflix/the Final Table

Chefs at the Final Table

  • Enrique Olvera (Mexico)
  • Andoni Aduriz (Spain)
  • Clare Smyth (United Kingdom)
  • Helena Rizzo (Brazil)
  • Vineet Bhatia (India)
  • Grant Achatz (USA)
  • Carlo Cracco (Italy)
  • Yoshihiro Narisawa (Japan)
  • Anne-Sophie Pic (France)

Chef teams

  • Aaron Bludorn (New York, NY, USA) and Graham Campbell (Dundee, Scotland/UK)
  • Darren MacLean (Calgary, AB, CA) and Timothy Hollingsworth (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  • Shin Takagi (Kanazawa) and Ronald Hsu (Atlanta, GA)
  • Alex Haupt (Amsterdam) and Ash Heeger (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Shane Osborn (Hong Kong) and Mark Best (Australia)
  • Monique Fiso (Wellington, NZ) and Amninder Sandhu (Mumbai, India)
  • James Knappett (London, UK) and Angel Vazquez (Puebla, MX)
  • Jessica Lorigio (San Sebastian) and Johnny Spero (Washington DC, USA)
  • Collin Brown (England) and Colibri Jimenez (Mexico City, MX)
  • Esdras Ochoa (Hong Kong) and Rafa Gil (Hong Kong)
  • Charles Michel (Colombia & France) and Rodrigo Pacheco (Ecuador)
  • Manuel Berganza (Singapore) and Benjamin Bensoussan (Madrid, Spain)


  • Colin Hanks and Dax Shepard (United States)
  • Martha Higareda and Julio Cesar Chavez (Mexico)
  • Miguel Bose and Ana Polvorosa (Spain)
  • Gary Lineker and Cat Deeley (United Kingdom)
  • Alessandra Ambrosio and Bebel Gilberto (Brazil)
  • Hasan Minhaj and Ranganathan Madhavan (India)
  • Alessandro Del Piero and Eleonora Cozzella (Italy)
  • Esterelle Payany (France)
  • Hikari Mori and Yuji Ayabe (Japan)

Food critics

  • Sam Sifton (United States)
  • Mariana Camacho (Mexico)
  • Borja Beneyto (Spain)
  • Jay Rayner (United Kingdom)
  • Josimar Melo (Brazil)
  • Rashmi Uday Singh (India)
  • Andrea Petrini (Italy)
  • Francois-Regis Gaudry (France)
  • Akiko Katayama (Japan)

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