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Like Many Trendy New Yorkers, Shake Shack Heads to Mexico City

The first store will hit Mexico City next year, with plans for 30 stores total by 2028

Shake Shack’s burgers and fries will soon hit Latin America

The cult of Shake Shack looms ever larger: Danny Meyer’s beloved burger chain is expanding to Mexico, with its first Latin American store slated for Mexico City in 2019. The company intends to have 30 stores in Mexico by 2028.

Shake Shack is partnering with Mexican hospitality group Grupo Toks, which runs more than 200 restaurants across the country including numerous locations of Panda Express, to expand in the region.

McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., and Wendy’s all have a presence in the region already, proving there’s a hunger for American burger brands. McDonald’s was the first to expand into Mexico, debuting in Mexico City in 1985. But scores of local restaurants, including chains like Ruben’s Hamburgers, also serve hamburguesas, with over-the-top variations that stuff toppings like pineapple and hot dogs between the buns. Shake Shack is known for adopting local flavors into each new location’s menu — could this mean sides of mayonnaise-laden elotes and a concrete blended with churros are on the way?

NYC-born Shake Shack now has more than 180 locations worldwide, including 70 international locations in cities including Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, and Moscow. 2019 is poised to be a big year for the company’s international expansion: In addition to its debut in Mexico, it will make its mainland China debut in Shanghai. (2019 will also be the year the company fully ditches plastic straws.)

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