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Watch: How Cast Iron Pans Are Forged

Making the versatile pan that lasts for generations

I’ve used cast iron pans my entire life — both in and out of professional kitchens — but never once thought about how they are made. Even if I had, I couldn’t have imagined the intense, multi-step process they carry out at Roloff Manufacturing Corporation in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

I’m meeting with Alisa Toninato in this episode of How to Make It, who is the owner of Felion Studios — a studio specializing in cast iron art; and the American Skillet Company, recognized for its cast iron skillets made in the shapes of the 50 states. It’s amazing to me that not every kitchen has a cast iron pan. Easily the most versatile and durable pan in the house, a good cast iron skillet will yield the best mac and cheese, perfectly roast a chicken, and make some expert pancakes.

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