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Watch: The 100-Acre Montreal Maple Farm Serving Meat Pies and Roast Pork

Dining on Dime heads to a sugar shack for a quintessential Quebec experience

I tend to say this about most episodes, but I am incredibly excited to go visit what is truly the quintessential Quebecois dining experience — a sugar shack. Specifically, we’re headed to the Sucrerie de la Montagne — a sugar shack ensconced in an over 100-acre maple forest in Mont Rigaud.

The very name evokes images of tree branches heavy with snow, lumberjacks tapping maple trees, and so much red plaid. At the sugar shack, locals and visitors can get a rustic, outdoorsy experience followed by an enormous meal of traditional dishes, which include beans, soups, meat pies, and, of course, maple syrup drizzled on snow. Founder Pierre Faucher established the sucrerie nearly 40 years ago, and it was thrilling to have him show me around and see how the maple syrup is collected and processed.

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