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Starbucks Is Serving Blonde Espresso for the First Time Ever

Plus, Jerry Seinfeld explains how he became obsessed with coffee

Blonde espresso coming out of a machine at Starbucks Starbucks
  • In an attempt to keep up with the specialty-coffee Joneses, who have been featuring lighter roasts for years, Starbucks has introduced a new blonde espresso. The Seattle-based caffeine Goliath says its new roast “provides a balanced and sweet flavor with a smooth, creamy feel.” Starbucks has served various seasonal and limited-edition espressos in the past, but this is the first time in four decades the company has added a new item to its regular espresso menu.
  • With a new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee planned for Netflix, Jerry Seinfeld explains how he became obsessed with the beverage later in life: “My whole adult life as a comedian, you wait to get hungry,” Seinfeld tells Sprudge. “Then, you find somebody else who’s hungry and you eat with them. That’s kind of how you spend the day. Then, I got married and had kids, and I didn’t have that kind of time anymore, but you can always meet someone for coffee.”
  • Always the culinary innovator, René Redzepi has created a “Darth Vader octopus” by curing the sea creature in beet syrup. Looks like a perfect meal to pair with a viewing of The Last Jedi.