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Watch: PancakeBot Is Pure Breakfast Entertainment

The kitchen gadget may be over the top, but it’s a lot of fun

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This week, we’re testing one of the most over-the-top kitchen gadgets ever created: the PancakeBot. Essentially, it’s a belt-guided printing system that uses pancake batter as its medium to create whatever design your syrup-filled heart desires. Think of it as a step up from the Mickey Mouse pancakes you grew up eating as a kid.

Maybe you’re thinking this all sounds cool, but wondering: Do you need to own this? Let me be very clear here: no. You do not and will not ever need this device. It’s big. It’s clunky. It requires power cords, SD cards, a computer, software, and a whole lot of cleanup. It’ll set you back $300, too, which would otherwise buy 50 boxes of pancake mix.

But will you have a heck of a lot of fun making pancakes with this thing? Yes, we must admit, you will. Watch this episode of You Can Do This to find out exactly how much entertainment PancakeBot brings to the party.

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