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Watch Portlandia’s Yuppie Lovebirds Plan the Perfect Breakfast 12 Hours Early

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein go way overboard on the IFC hit sketch show

Peter and Nance, Portlandia’s resident slaves to yuppiedom, are going to have some new experiences on the eighth and final season of IFC’s hit sketch show.

In one scene, the husband and wife decide to optimize their favorite meal of the day, breakfast, by preparing it 12 hours before they wake up, so that everything will be ready to roll as soon as they shoot out of bed. Peter (played by Fred Armisen) practices walking into the room and saying “good morning,” while Nance (played by Carrie Brownstein) preps the oatmeal and French press coffee. “I feel like a kid in a candy store,” she says as she’s setting up the kitchen in the dead of night.

The duo’s plan ultimately works so well, that Peter and Nance decide to prolong the joy as much as possible by eating in slow motion.

The 12-hour breakfast is a much more succesful endeavor than the couple’s trip to a new Japanese restaurant, where Peter accidentally eats some such mixed with spicy mayo. “It’s burning into my soul,” Peter says while shaking uncontrollably. “My memories are going away.” The “two chile-sign sushi” sends him to the pearly gates, but Nancy manages to bring him back to earth with the help of an EpiPen.

Season 8 of Portlandia premieres on Thursday, January 18 on IFC.

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