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Watch: The Giant Arepa Burger Born Out of Colombia’s Street Food Wars

This week on Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson goes to La Moon

We’ve covered plenty on cuisines on Dining on a Dime, from Indonesian to Honduran and everything in between. But not until this Miami episode am I getting around to trying Colombian food — strange, since Colombia and I share a particularly strong devotion to street food.

Colombian arepas, sancocho (a traditional soup known to cure any hangover), and pandebono are well known, but La Moon in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood stops the show with its fantastic hot dogs and hamburgers. Just take a look at the Baby Moon Perro, a nine-inch dog served with mozzarella, potato sticks, bacon, a quail egg, and too many sauces to name. And these sauces are important, a point of contention among street vendors: Does the place across the street have three sauces? We’ll do four. Now they have five? Let’s do seven. This kind of free-market spirit led me to some incredible, monstrous creations.

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