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Budweiser Gets Serious With a Super Bowl Ad for Its Canned Water

The water is being donated to disaster relief efforts

While there’s sure to be dilly-dilly antics and galloping clydesdales galore from Anheuser-Busch InBev this Super Bowl Sunday, the brewing giant will also raise the profile of its charitable side. On several occasions since the late ’80s, the company has temporarily halted beer production in order to can still water for disaster relief efforts. The beer titan will note these good deeds in a commercial scheduled to air during this year’s NFL championship game. The serious ad depicts AB InBev employees ramping up water canning in the wake of a catastrophe, all while a somber version of “Stand By Me” plays.

This TV spot is a departure from the norm, as most of this year’s food- and beverage-related ads appear to be going for jokes with celebrities, including Morgan Freeman shilling for Mountain Dew and David Schwimmer representing Skittles.

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