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Watch David Schwimmer’s Extremely Weird Super Bowl Ads for Skittles

It’s The One With the Bizarre, Meta, Football Commercial

Skittles has fully embraced weirdness with its marketing in recent years, and the company’s Super Bowl commercial for 2018 may be its strangest idea yet. The candy company claims it will show the ad to one single person, and it will air that person’s live reaction during the game.

In addition to the above video that explains this bizarre tactic, Skittles has released a few vids that, one is led to believe, could be clips from the actual ad. They all star Friends actor David Schwimmer, and, yes, they’re all quite weird.

Here’s Schwimmer wearing a toupee and fake mustache will feeding Skittles to a talking sandwich.

And here he is in some sort of spacey 1980s-style scene.

In this video, Schwimmer’s eyeballs have been replaced by troubling, glowing orbs.

Finally, here’s the weirdest of the bunch, featuring Schwimmer as a ventriloquist dummy for a ventriloquist dummy.

What Skittles ends up airing Sunday night is anyone’s guess, but the company appears to be one of several that are employing famous people to pitch their products. Viewers can expect to see Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader (Pringles), actor Chris Pratt (Michelob Ultra), and food-and-lifestyle queen Martha Stewart (Jack In The Box) among the famous faces showing up during the big game’s commercial breaks.

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