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‘Chef’s Table: Pastry’ to Debut This Spring on Netflix

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A crispy, chocolatey version of the hit documentary series is in the works right now

Filmmaker David Gelb and the team behind award-winning culinary documentary series Chef’s Table are fast at work on a brand new season of the Netflix program focusing on some of the world’s most celebrated pastry chefs. The announcement comes via the official Chef’s Table Instagram feed:

Dessert is served. April 13th.

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Those cakes and cookies in that teaser are most definitely treats from the kitchen of Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar. In keeping with a format established by the previous Chef’s Table seasons, each episode will focus on one pastry chef. Tosi is one of the stars, but no word yet on who the other three chefs will be.

Launched in 2015, Chef’s Table has had three official seasons profiling culinary visionaries around the world, plus a mini-series dedicated to French chefs. The Nancy Silverton and Jeong Kwan episodes from Season 3 landed on Eater’s list of the best food TV moments of 2017.

Chef’s Table: Pastry will premiere worldwide on Netflix on April 13. Stay tuned for more details on the next season of Chef’s Table as they become available.

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