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Watch Bill Hader’s Hilarious Super Bowl Ad for Pringles

The former ‘SNL’ star mixes and matches various chip flavors

Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader returns to the small screen for Pringles, those potato chips that famously have a uniform shape and come in a tennis ball can instead of a bag. In this Super Bowl ad, Hader, along with a few lesser-known commercial actors, are truly wowed by the idea of stacking different varieties of Pringles to create new flavors.

Throw a pizza Pringle on top of a barbecue Pringle, and the result is barbecue-pizza Pringles. Add a jalapeño Pringle, and the snack is transformed into spicy barbecue-pizza Pringles. This is not unlike the tactic of taking different flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans and mixing them together. Hader’s trademark vocals and facial expressions really sell what an amazing achievement this is.

This year’s Super Bowl food ads are packed with celebrities, including actor Chris Pratt hawking Michelob Ultra beer and domestic goddess Martha Stewart endorsing Jack in the Box fast food.

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