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Watch Chris Pratt’s Goofy Super Bowl Ad for Michelob Ultra

The actor gets in shape for his shot at becoming a beer spokesperson

Professional dinosaur wrangler and space captain Chris Pratt is the star of a light-hearted new commercial for low-calorie brew Michelob Ultra that will make its broadcast debut during the Super Bowl. The commercial is a sly nod to the fact that Pratt famously lost around 60 pounds in six months for his star-making role in Guardians of the Galaxy a few years ago.

In the clip, Pratt gets a phone call from his agent about how he’s going to appear in a Michelob Ultra commercial. The actor immediately begins training for his “big role” by running, hitting the gym, and working on his lines in the mirror. Pratt practices turning on the Michelob neon sign at his home bar, and he gives a friend advice on how to hold her beer glass correctly. On the day of the shoot, he rolls up to the studio to make his star turn as the spokesperson, only to directed to a holding area marked “extras.”

The punchline kinda falls flat, but Pratt at least gets in a few goods lines during the 60-second spot. This ad and Martha Stewart’s chicken sandwich smack down are just a few of the ridiculous commercials that will be vying for viral supremacy during Sunday’s game. Stay tuned for more previews of the Super Bowl food ads later this week.

UPDATE: And here’s Pratt’s second Michelob Ultra commercial, where he’s singing and exercising along with other beer fans:

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