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What It’s Like to Eat at Salt Bae’s NYC Restaurant, According to Luke Evans

Plus, 11th century dinner theater chain Medieval Times has replaced all of its kings with queens

Salt Bae in a suit, sprinkling salt over a steak on a wooden board
Salt Bae.
Jean Schwarzwalder for Eater New York
  • Actor Luke Evans, who has starred in the Fast & the Furious series, among other notable works, has dined at viral dreamboat Salt Bae’s New York City restaurant (which might be violating local health codes). Evans reports back on The Late Late Show With James Corden and describes what it’s like to eat at the funhouse. “[Salt Bae] changes his sunglasses about 70 times per seating,” he says in the clip below. “People were just, like, giving him their children, like he was Jesus... This guy’s like the messiah.”