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Watch: Crackling Cuban Roast Pork in a Florida Strip Mall

‘Dining on a Dime’ gets the full pig feast at La Esquina del Lechon

Welcome to this first episode of a very exciting season of Dining on a Dime, our 13th season, if you can believe it. I’m heading down to one of my favorite cities, escaping the winter for sunny and humid Miami, Florida to try some incredible and reasonably priced food.

Well, actually, this episode takes me to Doral, a Miami suburb. Setting up shop in Doral is La Esquina del Lechon, one of the more popular places in town to dig into lechón asado, aka traditional Cuban roast pork. The place, located in a nondescript strip mall, looked pretty unassuming. But I was incredibly impressed by the preparation and care that went into roasting a 60-pound pig in a caja china, literally “Chinese box,” taken from how Chinese railroad workers in Cuba cooked their food.

Though La Esquina’s owner isn’t Cuban himself (he’s Venezuelan), he’s managed to set himself apart in a city famous for its Cuban food — I think that actually says more about the quality of the food than anything else.

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