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McDonald’s Hopes to Lure Burger Snobs With More Fresh Beef and ‘Arch Sauce’

And, Bernie Sanders’s New Year’s Eve dinner was as low-brow as one would expect

A McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images
  • Big Mac slinger McDonald’s is once again testing fresh beef, this time on a new sandwich at seven locations in Oklahoma and Texas. The “Archburger” is a modern interpretation of the old Arch Deluxe, an upscale-ish sandwich that flopped for the chain in the late ’90s. The fresh patty on this burger is reportedly topped with cheese, pickles, onions, and “Arch Sauce” (mixture of mayonnaise and mustard), and starting at $2.19, it’s actually cheaper than the Big Mac.
  • Bernie Sanders, detractor of all things ritzy and bougie, did not splurge for a fancy dinner on New Year’s Eve 2017. Instead, he enjoyed a true working-class feast of chicken wings at a Vermont beer hall. The tab, which included dubious chicken wing beverage pairings of coffee and tea, came out to just $16.
  • Dear brands: Maybe don’t tweet jokes about nuclear war.
  • Another new start-up is taking its shot at feeding the world with lab-grown animal protean. Israeli biotech and food-tech company SuperMeat wants to produce its own chicken meat and has raised $3 million in an initial round of funding.
  • An Italian chef thought it would be funny to secretly spike a vegan customer’s meal with non-vegan ingredients. She bragged about it online, and now she’s receiving death threats.
  • Ben & Jerry’s has re-released its so-called pint lock, which allows customers to keep their precious ice cream safe from would-be thieves. The company also has a new knit pint koozie that is simply adorable.
  • Before he was a big-shot actor, Dylan McDermott waited tables at his father’s restaurant in Greenwich Village. His first celebrity patron was John Belushi in 1976.
  • Finally, if you order a Cuban sandwich, mobile payment service Venmo might sick the ghost of Joe McCarthy on you.