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Martha Stewart Goes to War With Jack in the Box in Super Bowl Commercial

The lifestyle media mogul lays the smackdown over a chicken sandwich

Super Bowl ad season is now officially underway, which means that the biggest fast-food brands in America are trying to outdo themselves with commercials full of huge celebrities, over-the-top stunts, and ridiculous gags.

Jack in the Box just unveiled its game day ad, which begins with Martha Stewart making a banh mi-inspired fried chicken sandwich in her TV kitchen. “You’d never find this at a fast-food restaurant,” Martha says with a smirk. But Jack Box, the chain’s leader/mascot, takes issues with this statement.

The man with the giant antenna ball for a head bursts into Martha’s studio and explains that his new “food truck series” has an Asian-inspired crispy chicken sandwich to rival Martha’s creation. She calls security, and Jack tries to bribe them to stop. Martha takes off her earrings and says, “You want to go to war with me, Jack?” Stewart then yanks the conical nose right off his face, thus igniting an all-out war between the mogul and the the mascot.

The camera then cuts to this shot, which would make a great desktop wallpaper:


When the action switches back to the studio, Jack’s nose is fixed, but he promises to start a Twitter war with Stewart that fans can follow by checking out the hashtag #jackvsmartha.

Martha wasted no time in stoking the flames of their Twitter war:

Stay tuned for more previews of the top Super Bowl food ads later this week.

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