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Watch: Seattle’s Scandinavian Community Feasts on Swedish Meatballs

‘Cooking in America’ visits the Swedish Club

The Swedish Club has been an anchor of Seattle’s Scandinavian-American community for over 125 years, known just as much for hosting cultural events as it is for chef Ann-Margret Lightle’s Swedish classics like meatballs and lutfisk. The dried/salted whitefish and lye dish is said to have been invented by Vikings; these days, it’s most likely served with a mustard sauce and eaten on Christmas Eve after weeks of preparation.

In this episode of Cooking in America, host Sheldon Simeon steps into the Swedish Club, learning about both the peculiar hip movements required to make mustard the traditional way and how the Club got its start. According to executive director Kristine Leander, there’s a new wave of Swedes and Scandinavians looking for jobs in Seattle’s software industry, and in the Club, they’re finding a home.

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