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Watch Will Ferrell and Kate McKinnon’s Chicken Pot Pie Commercial Shoot on ‘SNL’

One of the highlights of a great episode

One of SNL’s all-time MVPs, Will Ferrell, returned to the show that made him a star last night for a series of very funny sketches including this one, about a commercial shoot that goes hilariously awry.

Ferrell plays Dan, a guy who eats the chicken pot pie at Dickenson's Roadside Diner “five times a week,” while Kate McKinnon portrays his wife Donna, who’s another regular. They’re shooting a commercial for their favorite restaurant, wherein Dan is supposed to mention that his favorite dish is “baked in a crispy pastry crust,” but for some reason, he just can’t say those words correctly. Some of his early attempts include “baked in a cruppity flastry puff,” and “baked in a flaky bacon bag.”

The line readings just get weirder and weirder until Ferrell is saying straight-up nonsense like “baked in a bus, in my buttery buddy bus” and “nobody beats the Wiz.” Donna eventually gives it a shot, but she’s not any better at reciting that tag line. Watch Ferrell and McKinnon try not to laugh as they spout these ridiculous phrases in the clip above, and check out the real-life restaurant blooper reel that likely inspired the sketch here.

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