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Watch: Do You Need BuzzFeed’s Tasty One Top Induction Cooktop?

Testing the app-connected gadget with Katie Pickens from Iron Chef

I’m willing to bet many, many people have seen the Tasty One Top in action, but that next to no one has used it. You know the device: It’s seen in almost all of those BuzzFeed-produced Tasty videos filling your feeds, shot top-down to show you the latest recipe in action. It’s the pentagon-shaped thing they cook everything on. Starting to ring a bell?

The Tasty One Top is the first attempt by Tasty into making and selling actual gadgets. Essentially, it’s an induction burner with precise temperature control, complete with Bluetooth capability so you can connect to the Tasty app and load recipes. My friend and Iron Chef star Katie Pickens is going to help me test out this kitchen gadget; is this thing for real, or is it just another gimmick?

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