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Cheesecake Factory’s ‘Brown Bread’ Will Soon Be Available in Grocery Stores

Plus, Starbucks is now serving everything croissants

  • Cheesecake Factory enthusiasts can break out the Champagne — or whatever pairs best with sweet dinner rolls — for a celebratory toast. The chain’s extremely popular “brown bread,” a variation of a honey-wheat loaf, will soon be available in grocery stores. That’s right: Dinner at home can finally have a touch of Cheesecake Factory flair. The bread will be available as rolls, baguettes, and sandwich loaves, but there’s not word when, exactly, fans of the Factory will see it on their local supermarket shelves.
  • Speaking of Cheesecake Factory enthusiasts, Canadian rapper Drake just released a new song, in which he rhymed about a couple of Los Angeles Italian restaurants: Giorgio Baldi and Madeo. The former is a favorite of fellow musician (and on-again, off-again significant other) Rihanna, but Drizzy thinks the latter is better. A lyric from “Diplomatic Immunity” goes, “Caterin’ is from Giorgio Baldi, Robyn’s favorite. Shit is nice, but I prefer Madeo.”
  • In a party-liquor merger that is being valued at $5.1 billion, rum giant Bacardi is acquiring premium tequila heavyweight Patron. Shots all around.
  • The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away, which means it’s time for big-time marketing and advertising teams to show off their best ideas. Here’s Danny DeVito shilling for M&M’s by bathing in chocolate:
  • New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov highly recommends the I’ll Drink to That podcast that is hosted by NYC sommelier (and former Eater NY wine editor) Levi Dalton. Asimov says that since its launch in 2012, I’ll Drink to That “has come to be an indispensable resource for anybody who loves wine and is curious about the personalities and histories of wine producers, sommeliers and others in the trade.”
  • Let’s all feel better about the world by thinking about how much fun it must be to edit Chrissy Teigen’s new cookbook.
  • Your daily Tide Pod update, with a healthy dose of dad humor:
  • Starbucks is hoping to change the breakfast pastry game with everything croissants, which are now available. These are your regular ‘bucks croissants with the addition of seasoning that is typically found on the famous everything bagel. That’s fine, but translating sesame bagels into croissant form would be better.
  • Be your own latte artist with this pen that lets fancy coffee drinkers draw on their caffeinated beverages with ground spices.