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Watch Fred and Carrie Order Gourmet Disaster Kits on ‘Portlandia’

Because when the big one hits, you better have some sparkling rosé on hand

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s hit IFC comedy show Portlandia is officially back on the air for its final season. Last night’s premiere included sketches about middle-aged rockers, obnoxious podcast hosts, and yuppies who wanted to get away from it all by living in a VW Westfalia van. And in this new teaser for a forthcoming episode, the Portlandia team tackles the art of preparing for natural disasters.

After experiencing a mild earthquake, Fred and Carrie decide to go to Disaster Hut where a clerk, played by Big Sick star Kumail Nanjiani, walks them through their options. As far as beans go, Disaster Hut offers “fava, kidney, garbanzo, navy, pinto, black, cannelini and lima.” Assorted canned soups are also available, as well as several trendier food items — but the clerk only offers the good stuff to Carrie. Her final order includes “sparkling rosé, quiche Lorraine, fettuccine, avocado toast, mixed greens on the side with the house dressing, and to a finish, lavender creme brûlée.” Meanwhile, Fred gets stuck with “60 cans of kidney beans.”

Watch the comedians put together their bespoke disaster kids in the clip above, and for more of Portlandia’s best food moments, check out Eater’s survey of the first seven seasons here.

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