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Trump Winery Wants to Hire More Foreign Workers

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POTUS has frequently criticized companies for not hiring Americans

Bottles of Trump Wine Trump Winery/Official

The Virginia winery bearing POTUS’s name needs more hands to harvest its grapes — and it’s not looking to hire Americans. Trump Winery wants to hire nearly two dozen additional foreign guest workers under the H-2 visa program, Buzzfeed News reports.

H-2 visas enable U.S. companies to temporarily employ foreign workers in cases where no Americans want the jobs. They’re frequently used for agricultural positions, which tend to be physically demanding and low-paying. Buzzfeed notes the Trump Winery jobs, which will run from March through October, pay $11.46 an hour.

Though hiring foreign guest workers for agricultural positions is common, it’s somewhat ironic for a president who campaigned heavily on the concept of bringing jobs back to America, and one who has previously criticized foreign visa programs for taking jobs away from U.S. workers — not to mention frequently expressed anti-immigrant sentiments.

Trump Winery has hired foreign workers every year since 2014. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate has also used H-2 visa workers to fill server and cook positions, with the president defending his hiring choices by saying it’s “very, very hard to get people.”

Despite the fact he’s previously bragged about owning the vineyard, Trump Winery claims it actually has nothing to do with the President; rather, it’s owned and operated by POTUS’s youngest son, Eric.

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