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Starbucks Is the Fifth Most Admired Company in the World, According to ‘Fortune’

Plus, Taco Bell “explains” why it took the chain so long to put fries on the menu

A coffee cup in a Starbucks coffee shop Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images
  • Fortune has released its annual list of the world’s most admired companies, and Starbucks checks in at number five. Obviously the Seattle-based coffee giant’s ability to peddle what are essentially milkshakes that serve as Instagram bait and top-of-the-line specialty coffee beverages has impressed the journalists who complied this list. Other food and beverage outfits to make the top 50 are Coca-Cola (No. 18), McDonald’s (37), PepsiCo (41), and Nestle (47).
  • Taco Bell is finally about to add french fries to its menu, and to drum up some hype, the chain has released an extremely theatrical ad explaining why it has eschewed fries until now.