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Watch: Miami’s Favorite Haitian Restaurant Started From a Health Food Cart

Swinging by Naomi’s on Dining on a Dime

The colors are brighter and the smells are stronger as you approach Naomi’s Garden — a Haitian restaurant on the border of Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood. For this next episode of Dining on a Dime, I’m headed to Naomi’s, which actually got its start as a short-lived health food trailer before becoming one of the best and most beloved Haitian restaurants in the city.

Naomi’s staff is mostly made up of women; its matriarchal kitchen puts out traditional Haitian dishes like fried snapper, curry chicken, and mayi kolé — a hearty stew and humble staple of cornmeal, beans, and vegetables. There wasn’t anything about my visit that didn’t amaze me, so it’s great to hear that these ladies are keen on sharing this immensely special restaurant with the community, hurricane or shine.

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