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This Cat Bed Is a Giant Fruit Tart

Purrfect for pastry lovers

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A few things to be grateful for this afternoon:

It feels like Monday, but it’s actually Tuesday — short week! Internet sensation/meme-in-human-form Salt Bae is about to open his New York City restaurant. Best of all, there’s a new cat bed on the market that makes any precious feline look like the centerpiece of a plush fruit tart.


Felissimo, a company based out of Japan, is responsible for this purrfectly adorable (sorry) kitty cradle. The bed itself resembles a flawless fluted crust. “I think you’ve cracked it,” Mary Berry would say of this crust. “Oui,” Dominique Ansel would add. Also included are a few comfy pillows that mimic blueberries, a slice of kiwi, a strawberry, and an orange segment. A sleepy kitty stands in for any custard or fruity filling, obviously.

Your little fur ball’s soon-to-be-favorite nap spot is available online for 6,100 yen ($55).

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